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Millimeter Pro

 Useful screen ruler with calibration and different practical modes for everyday usage

GPS Area Measure

Measurements on Google Maps, widely used in farming and planning

Solar Meter

Live calculation of the solar power energy on your device screen. Calculation of the solar power energy efficiency for your location and roof.


Practical measurements on picture, using reference objects. Measure length, area, perimeter, angle.

Face Shape Meter

Find you face shape easily from the picture

Pupil Distance Meter

Optometry tool for measure PD pupillary distance for eye ware , glasses or VR set for online shopping

Map Track

Track your trip on map and share with your friends and family in real time.

Color Meter

Detect and analyse colors on pictures in real time or on the photo

Shoe Size Meter

Measure your foot using the camera on your device. Convert shoe size between shoe brands. UK to US, EU to US, Adidas to Nike etc.


Camera measure bundle of tools for outdoor and indoor measurements


Camera app for area, perimeter, length and distance, height and width, ratio, circle parameters, radius, diameter, angles measurements


Simple, free, and no ads unit converter with many units for weight, energy, pressure, temperature, area, distance, fuel, angles

Laser Distance Meter

Camera distance measure tool for quick estimation of distances and length

Ring Size Measure

Measure ring size using camera and reference object


Measure ratio, relative size of objects or to split objects into equal pieces


Handy app for dimension measurements.

Pupillary Distance Measure X

Quick and fully automatic
measure PD distance  using front camera on iPhone


Very simple and handy timer. with dynamic color bars. Handy for cooking, running, egg boiling, etc. Clean and simple.

WHR Meter

App t calculates Waist To Height Ratio WHR, Body Mass Index BMI and estimates Cardiovascular Disease Risk CVD

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