Telemeter comes in handy in different situations. For example, you can use it for room planning and interior design, backyard layout, or simply during  your next moving to a new apartment. In other words,  in all those cases when quick estimation of distance, size or angles are needed, but there are no right tools at hand. Another example is outdoor activities or just for fun.
    Use this App if you need:
  • to know distance to an object
  • to know distance between two points in vertical or horizontal plane
  • to know distance between objects
  • to know dimensions of the object (height, width, length)
  • to check vertical, horizontal, angular object alignment or align objects
  • to measure angle between walls
  • to check orientation in the room with respect to the North
  • to detect hidden metallic objects
  • to mark a plane for object placement (for example, a wall for pictures and shelves placement)
  • to convert length and area units