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Measurement Screen

What the symbols on the screen mean

"Measurement" Tool:

D1 distance to the first (start) point in DEPTH measurement option 
D2 distance to the second (end) point in DEPTH measurement 
Δ  difference between start and end measurement points 
D distance to an object or a vertical plane (wall) in which the height or width are calculated in HEIGHT / WIDTH  measurement options 
H object height in HEIGHT measurement option 
W object width in WIDTH measurement option 

"Compass" Tool:

α1 start orientation angle in the orientation difference measurement 
α2 end orientation angle in the orientation difference measurement  
Δ orientation difference angle 
δ adjacent angle to the measured orientation difference angle 

How to interpret the measurement screen

The picture below shows the application screen in "Measurement"-mode with "DEPTH" measurement option enabled.

The screen can be interpreted as follows:

  • Top part of the screen is the  Information Panel. It shows current user settings for the Measurement Tool (Hand- or Stand-Mode) and current device Height, saved in the App Preferences.
  • Left part of the screen is occupied by Control Panel with buttons for DEPTH, WIDTH or HEIGHT measurement options.
  • Right part of the screen shows current result information.
  • Bottom part of the screen is used for the spirit level to control proper device orientation and alignment. It is used for the some measurement option, where the exact orientation of the device is required.