Laser Distance Meter


LaserDistanceMeter is a camera measure tool for quick estimation of distances and length. You can use any reference object with known size for measurements. Laser Distance Meter has also automatic mode where you can make a measurement with only one click!

    Any android camera device, phone or tablet, can be used for measurement. Just follow the  procedure to calibrate  your device and you are ready  measure distances to any object  with your camera.

Using standard objects like car, window, golf flag, human height, etc. as a reference you can measure distances to them  - just select custom option and enter an object size value.

LaserDistanceMeter has a list of commonly used reference objects like credit card, Letter or A4 sheet, coins, DVD disk, etc.

    The App shows measurement results in different units: meters, millimeters, centimeters, feet, inches based on user settings. 
    There is an option to make a picture and work with the still image instead of live camera view, Zoom View feature helps to align object boundaries accurately.

   The app has following distinctive features:

  • automatic measurement mode
  • different measurement units
  • list of predefined reference objects
  • ability to define any custom object as a reference object
  • ability to calibrate any android camera to use for measurements
  • ability to use non-vertical and non-horizontal reference objects or features
  • quick calibration with predefined standard objects.

 This app can be useful for outdoor and sport activities: golf, hiking, traveling,  etc., where quick estimation of distances is needed.  

It also can be used to measure room or  apartment size, distance between walls (using standard objects as electric outlet, door width or height, standard window size), or make measurement on construction sites, to do  land measurement and surveying, as a rangefinder.

For example two persons can measure out landscape and distance using height of one person as the reference.

Using the custom option you can make measurements in wide range depending on a reference object size: from mm to km, from inches to miles.

Please enjoy the Laser Distance Meter and Thank you for your support!
VisTech.Projects Team.

App Screenshots

LaserDistanceMeter : Calibration guide.

How to use

  • Use standard objects to calibrate your camera:
  • Calibration of your device camera must be done ONLY ONCE before making any further measurements.
  • Accurate ROL alignment  with object boundaries is critical for the accuracy of measurement results. Please  use Zoom View feature  to improve the result.
  • Please adjust ROL with the reference object properly, it is very critical for calibration and measurement accuracy. The correct ways to place ROL on the reference object with long and short sides is shown below:

  • Use any feature on a plane or on an object with known size to measure distance to it
  • There are options to turn on/off views for Info Panels and Zoom in Preferences. It can give you extra space on the screen or help to reach rulers behind the views. 
  • DOUBLE touch on the screen switches focus between ROL circles and LONG touch moves ROL to the touch point.
  • The bigger a reference object on the screen the more accurate measurement result you can achieve.


10-Sep-12: v1.0.0 - App has been published, please enjoy and use contact form to let us known about you experience, suggestions and comments. If you enjoy using our app, please support us with your rating and comments on Google Play. Thank you !!!

01-Oct-12: v1.0.1 - stability improved.
31-Aug-13: v1.0.3 - exposure control
07-Dec-13: v1.0.4 - stability improved for KitKat.
04-Feb-14: v1.0.5 - yards units, fine ruler adjustment improvements for ZOOM VIEW. Now it's possible to use full screen for small ruler movements. 


Feb 04, 2014


1.6 and up


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